You’ve always wanted to throw the wheel and feel the clay running

under your hands and through your fingers? Then follow a course at my place.

I’ll teach you the beginnings with great pleasure.

You can try it out once to see if you enjoy it.

After that you can take a ten-turn card for an entire course.

A lesson takes 3 hours. If you want to have your work glazed and fired

in an electrical oven, you pay an extra.

Expect to have around 30 pieces by the end of your wheel throwing course.

You can either come alone or take a friend.

I only teach 2 people at the same time.

- A single course is 50 euros.

- a ten-turn card is 450 euros.

These prices don't include your glazes or kiln costs.

Excited to meet you... See you soon!


NOW... Get your hands dirty!