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​Julie Van Aelst was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium, where she got her Master’s Degree in Illustrative Design. Passionate about everything she does, she also became a teacher in the Arts, traveled extensively, and ultimately decided to plant her roots in the cozy province of Limburg, Belgium.


Here, she discovered the world of ceramics. So from 2015 on, clay, this beautiful material coming straight from the earth, became the best medium for Julie to express herself as an artist.


These beautiful objects are purely designed to decorate any space. They are Raku fired in different glazes and techniques. Julie likes to play with the shapes and textures, so that each piece ends up being truly unique. Sometimes the clay is seen in its raw form and the process of baking it at upwards of 1000 degrees Celsius is visible in some cracks. It may look like there is a hole to hold flowers for example, but the piece isn’t water-resistant. It is exactly these types of contradictions that Julie likes to play with.

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